THRIVE, or DIE ...

Dive into a universe where strategy and alliances are key to reign supreme. From survival to combat, every choice shapes your destiny. Join us and become the master of the game.

Discover a new way to play!

We harness all the potential of ALT:V for you

Urban Survival

Discover a post-apocalyptic world where every decision counts. Face the dangers of Thrive's streets and forge your own destiny.

Dynamic Community

Join a vibrant community of passionate players. Team up to build, explore, and defend together in this ruthless world.

Limitless Customization

Customize your character and gear to reflect your unique play style. Be ready to face any challenges that come your way.

Dynamic Economy

Engage in a constantly evolving market. Buy, sell, and trade goods to prosper or manipulate the economy to your advantage.

Build, Defend, Attack

Build impregnable bases, organize their defense, and launch attacks against those of your enemies. Dominate the territory and showcase your power through strategic confrontations.

Epic Events

Participate in special events and epic missions. Test your skills, earn exclusive rewards, and leave your mark on Thrive's history.

It's time to play!

In a world where survival dictates every decision, your instinct is your greatest weapon. Face off, survive, and write your legend. It's time to play. Let's go!